Follow us as we pour our heart and soul into every detail of stripping down, restoring and rebuilding our vintage classics. We are thoroughly enjoying bringing them back to their former glories. Although we love to return classics back to factory original we get a thrill in adding that eye-catching custom look.



Picture This:

You are driving down the street, enjoying every twist and turn the road ahead has to offer, you do not care about the destination it is the drive you are enjoying the most. People are stopping what they are doing. Looking, waving, admiring the car you have restored. Whether it is original or custom it does not matter as it is your pride and joy.




Imagine you are one of those people stopping, looking and waving admiring that classic someone else is enjoying. You feel nostalgic starting to reminisce about those classic cars you had all that time ago. You then find yourself searching for it. That perfect classic car you had dreamed of since your childhood. You find one. You hesitate for a split second and before you know it there it is. Your dream classic car sitting waiting for you to put your own TLC into it.


It has been waiting for you.


Welcome Back to the Classic Car Family.

Jaguar E-Type

1940s Chevrolet Sedan

1917 Model T

Toyota Supra